Monday, April 11, 2005



I was hoping to start with a nice big bang but it doesn't look likely. This is the first, and quite possibly last, entry in my first, and quite possibly last, blog. I've not been an avid reader of other blogs having little or no time for anyone's opinion but mine own and so am not quite sure of the protocol. Do I tell you my name? Where I live? What I do for a living? I don't think I shall for now. I will say that I live in London. I will say that I work on an outer arm of the low-rent TV industry. I'm not trying to be mysterious, it's just that I don't know what I'll have to say in the future and giving away my identity may stop me from saying it. That said, the possibilty of me having anything interesting to say is pretty remote.

So, what's going on? Over the last week we have seen the Pope snuff it and get buried. Pretty interesting but I'm starting to tire a little of how "remarkable" he was. It seems everyone thought the sun shone out of his holy hole which seems to sit a little queer next to some of the ideas he bandied around. Lets hope the next fella isn't quite so militant...

Charles and Camilla got wed. Nice to see. I don't give a stuff one way or the other about them particularly, but if him marrying her pisses off all of the twats who venerate his last silly tart of a wife, then it's all good.

The election's hoting up... well, I say hoting up, but quite honestly all we are seeing is one stage-managed press conference after another for the moment. Sooner or later someone is going to have to talk to a pleb (or even a journalist) and then the fun starts. Labour and the Tories both published their manifestos today. Labour's barely contained the word "Labour" by all accounts, so God alone knows how they expect anyone to know who to vote for. The Tories trotted out their ten words, which are "More recession, less blacks, less death, more circuses, higher trousers", or at least it's a good guess. The Lib-dems, with all of the astonishing luck that the Lib-dems have (or bring upon themselves), had to cancel their press conference as Charles Kennedy's heavily pregnant wife had to go hospital. Marvellous.

Who knows what'll be around the corner. For me it is nearly going home time, for I am writing this at work (another reason for the anonimity) so I wish you all the best. Thanks for reading. Until next time, adios.

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