Monday, April 18, 2005


Pleased with yourself?

"Oooo, Channel 4 are doing a poll for the best albums ever. I think I might ring them up and vote."
"Really? What are you going to say is the best album ever?"
"Hmmm... tricky, that one. Probably Madonna's 'Like a prayer'."

At some stage, on some level, maybe even internally, somebody had this conversation. They weighed up all of the music ever recorded, considered things like musical innovation, influence on what came after, use of melody, harmony, social comment and so on. Then they disregarded all of these parameters and voted on who had the best hair. What the fu...

Duran Duran's 'Rio'? Are you lot on glue? Meanwhile 'Rubber Soul', an album that includes Drive my car, Nowhere man, In my life, I'm looking through you and Norwegian Wood plus Think for yourself and Michelle doesn't get in the top 100. Not in the top 100! Prats! And 'OK Computer' isn't even Radiohead's best album, let alone the best album ever. Let's hope that now you've all got that out of your system, we don't get any nasty surprises come the 5th of May. Do you here me, Burnley?

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