Monday, April 18, 2005


Rotten apples.

Did you hear the news? Have a look:
It looks like we are right in the shit, don't it? After all, what would an insurance company get out of people being concerned about terrorist attacks? Nothing, right?

Then there was this beauty:,1320,1462192,00.html
If Britain's finest police minds are saying we need ID cards, who am I to argue. I mean, what does one of the highest ranking policeman stand to gain from the introduction of ID cards. Or any authority figure for that matter.

Then we have this:

The Sunday Telegraph shows us that al-Qa'eda terrorists were planning a September 11th style attack on the Heathrow Express (note the senior Whitehall and police sources). Except they weren't:

So, when the Tories start up with this:
It's almost as if they are misrepresenting facts for there own political ends. Surely not.
Well... maybe.

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