Tuesday, April 12, 2005


The Second Coming

So... here we go. The difficult second album. After the runaway success of my first blog this one is sure to fall flat, but here we go. What a curious feeling: I know that absolutely no one is reading this barring one or two cohorts and hangers-on, yet I feel a strange desire to please... who? Never mind, here's:

Reasons to hate Mel Smith:
1) Here is a list of the films he has directed:

Five films in fourteen years and at least three of them are unmitigated shit.

Charles and Sarah Kennedy had a kid. Well done to you both. Still won't give the Lib-Dems a snowball's chance though.

A Tory has been caught doctoring pictures of himself and Ann Widdecombe trying to help an asylum seeker stay in the country so that they now show him being for more stringent immigration controls. I think he might have a chance at being the first person who has ever done it that way round... well done Ed Matts; you are a fucking genius.

This just in from the BBC News website:

"The United Nations special envoy to Iraq, Ashraf Qazi, has told the UN Security Council that greater attention needs to be paid to human rights there. "

Thanks Ashraf, it's good to know you're there.

Just time to see if the judgement day, as promised by The Bible, has arrived... apparently not. Sorry kids, better luck tomorrow.

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