Monday, June 06, 2005


Blog a job.

I had an interview this morning which, I feel, went quite well. I did, however, learn a few do's and don'ts that I think you might be interested in:

Turn up in a suit and tie. Apparently a track-suit doesn't apply. Nice of them to let me know.

Keep eye contact as it turns out they don't like you staring at tits during the meeting (particularly not if the tits are in this months 'Hustler' magazine).

Ask pertinent, insightful questions at the end of the interview. "How much can you bench?" isn't one of these.

Pull out your own bottle saying "I've got my own" when they offer you a drink.

Excuse yourself from the interview to "drain the snake".

Offer them fifty quid for the TV set in their boardroom.

How are we supposed to remember all of that lot? Ridiculous.

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