Thursday, July 21, 2005


McGoodballoon Lecture

Cricket. What a game. Fast. Frustrating. Exciting. Sensual. A mother. A lover. A brother. The other (a bit of). I can't wait for it to finish so that we can start looking forward to the next Ashes. Bring it on! Never been much a sportsman myself; I dallied with the idea of exercise. I've dallied with a great many ideas in my lifetime, but alas, many were so far ahead of the accepted mores of the period that I was made a social outcast rather than lauded as the visionary that I clearly am. Some of those ideas are still considered risque in these more open-minded times. I remember an idea dreamt up by myself and the late Sylvia Plath that made narrow-minded Ted Hughes go quite red with anger. Sylvia was a fun-loving old broad who quite often shocked me with her vagina. It was enormous and the angriest crimson colour you've ever seen. Lovely stuff.

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