Tuesday, September 27, 2005



A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and I've got a bloody ton of it. Here's a few facts:

- When Ronald Reagan entered the Oval Office after being sworn-in as President of the United States his first action was to deny AIDS existed for ten years.

- Black people are heavier than white people hence the lack of an Zambian Olympic swimming champion and the huge amount of African-American dead in New Orleans.

- Chinese people breath half as much as Westerners. They like being smuggled in cargo containers.

- Cancer comes from God. So does eggs, trousers, Jesus, Axminster carpet and Data from Star Trek. Muslims don't.

- That neckache that you've got will never, ever go away.

- If you get stung by a bee then it probably hates you.

- High levels of tea consumption lead to paedophillic tendencies. As did bad punctuations adn spelling.

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