Wednesday, October 12, 2005


New shoes?

Yes terror don't be scared 1 don't be my love oh watch out for the fire when ready but wait no body no body here we don't want to alienate them are coming for us on the tube watch the tubes squeeze it out shiny 2 happy whitey reddy ready blue no brownies duffle-coat knapsack love them open arms close the ports be afraid a frayed afraid a phrase to protect something something to protect with love my love oh yes bring them to me 3 brazilian wax brazilian whacks bloody floor them I'll show them coming over here stealing our damnit where's the file oh thank you Sir John 4 if bill says he needs six months then bill knows nose lost your nose lost your head back to brazil nuts cobnuts cop nuts let them alone if they need the time 5 Tony and Giorgio delicious cooking up a storm hell-storm we know what we're full of hate BBC can't you see that they're trying their best oh lord yes Katrina you know what to do get them out back to where they came to death 6 ironic that they don't see the good Sir John one dead fifty-seven unaccounted for can't be right pop goes the weasel bus buster gonad not scrotum-head no wonder David went nuts brazilian back to him Christ Israeli's told us to do it 7 no one's going for that don't glorify divert attention talk crazy make them look other weight of expectation P.M today no likely someday must stop them otherwise no chance lawn order trim them back 8 when did it all go wrong ninety-seven good year why do they hate me me me belt up bumpy ride yes many dead peg on your nose name on your toe sweep it up protect our children muslim hard to do right for wrong 9 they'll see I'm right left centre bloody brazilian my love oh yes.

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