Thursday, November 10, 2005


I should explain...

I suppose that some of you may have accidentally gone to Danny "fucking" Lipp's shoddy excuse for a weblog and read some of the nonsense that he has written. First and foremost I would like to deny some of the things he has said about me:

- At no time have I taken all of his or anyone else's money. I made a series of what I believed were very sound investments that turned out to be slightly less than blue chip. The fact that many of these companies had either myself or members of my family on their boards is neither here nor there.

- Danny was never tied or chained to a bannister in my house, or in any other house at my behest. Occasionally (on a Friday)one of the band (usually Danny) was asked (or volunteered) to entertain (sit on) my guests (David Niven).

- Danny's freedom from his contract with me came at the natural end of the contracts lifespan. The fact that Danny immediately entered into a new contract with me says a great deal about our professional relationship and a great deal more about my relationship with members of the Bosnian mafia.

I'd also like to try to nip in the bud any future allegations that Danny may, or may not, make about me:

- As far as I was aware they were all at least twenty-one. I assumed the uniforms were some kind of fancy dress costume, as did all the other members of my 'club'.

- I at no point asked any of 'The Dulcet Lads', or whatever they were bloody called, to smuggle krugerands, heroin, guns or people. None of them even had an HGV licence.

- It is not illegal to ask adults for pictures of themselves as children. I would have shared the proceeds.

- My drumming on '(The) White Witch of White City' was not limp and amateurish. Bastard.

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