Sunday, November 20, 2005


T & A

The National Film Theatre, London. An audience of two-hundred or so people are given the chance to see 'Angel-leg: The Jasper Goodballoon Story'. Following the preview screening Jasper himself is led onto the stage for a informal question and answer session. Here are a few excerpts:

Questioner: Jasper, are you proud of Angel-leg'? Does it accurately reflect the book?

Jasper: Oh yes, absolutely. It's marvellous. Marvellous. It takes the meat and gravy of the book and really gives them a modern twist. The aliens are great, aren't they?

Questioner: Are you upset you didn't have a larger part in the film?

Jasper: Goodness me, no! I think I played 'Mr Legg' beautifully and lets not forget the symbolism of his silence. And if you haven't noticed, that was me that Tom Arnold was playing.

Questioner: The sex scenes are very graphic; did you have a hand in those?

Jasper: Oh yes: a hand, a foot, a leg - you name it.

Questioner: Is the film likely to have a wide release? Do you have a distribution deal?

Jasper: I decided early on that this film should be seen by the largest possible amount of viewers. Those of you in the theatre this evening should constitute around three-quarters of the final total.

Questioner: There is absolutely no mention of David Niven in the film. Why?

Jasper: My lawyers have asked me to point out that I have never met David Niven and have never had a relationship, sexual or otherwise, with either Mr David Niven or any of the Niven family.

Questioner: Why are you crossing your fingers?

Jasper: Shhhhh...

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