Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I don't care...

I've had a wee note-ette from someone claiming to be called 'honey' asking about Danny "fucking" Lipp. Quite why anybody would want to know anything about Danny is beyond me but each to their own I suppose. Let me refer you to a letter I wrote to Danny back in 1987:

"Danny Lipp: you are a man of limited abilities. Your musical career has, thus far, given little enjoyment to anyone beyond the retarded and the Middle Eastern (I'm not sure that there is a difference). Your original records with the Dulcet Lads were bad, your later recordings with The Paliatives even worse; everything afterwards was either unlistenable or still-born. However, you have made me a good deal of money over the years and I am not likely to let that situation change, so it is with some sadness that I notify you of my intention to begin a process of blackmail that will, ultimately, allow my complete control of your records, monies, businesses and familes. Should you challenge my authority in any way I will immediately release the details of incident hereby known as "the Acton nastiness" to Mister Andrew King to be used in his forthcoming biography of you "A Lippful of lies". I am sorry it has come to this Danny, I really am but I like having more money than you."

This knockabout, chummy way of dealing with one another was what made my relationship with Danny such fun and continues to this day. As for "the Acton nastiness", the appropriate parties or "victims" if you must, were all paid off and no charges were ever bought upon myself or Danny Lipp. Tippy Seddon was not quite so lucky and is eleven years into a twenty-five stretch, but those are the breaks, eh?

Now 'honey' how about giving Uncle Jasper a little "sweetness" in return, eh? What say you to a few saucy postcards, if you know what I mean. Oh! You're not a girl are you?

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