Tuesday, August 15, 2006



Jesus wept! How long does it take? An elderly man who has been updating his blop diary almost daily for the better part of a year, disappears for four months and no one thinks to check on him. What the hell... It's the equivalent of milk bottles stacking up and the stink of green bacon under the door; you are meant to call somebody. Fucking geeks!

How are you, the internet? All okay? I'm well enough, I suppose, although the last couple of months have been a little dicky. In the main I have been involved in the day-to-day discussions in the Middle East which, I feel, have come off rather marvellously. I am rather flush now that my pockets have been filled with lovely Iranian Rials and have treated myself whilst the transfer window is open. I have instructed my newly hired assistant Beau to scout a couple of young soccer players that I can put on my books, as it were; make a bit of a splash in the football world. I currently have my eye on a 17 year-old Greek.

What else has happened? I had something removed from me. The operation was a complete success. I'm hoping it'll be put back this month; depends if Costas and I reach personal terms.

Good to see my old friend Mickey Levy bounce back. Mark my words, even when found guilty he will show the pride and dignity he is famous for.

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