Thursday, August 17, 2006



Where does the chap on the PC World advert get off being so rude to those two young students? I'd piss on his Intel chips if he spoke to me like that. That said, I have a 13% stake in PC World and so partly own that young man, amongst others.

Anyway, here's more top star based news:

"Hilarious comedy funny-bones Will Ferrell (pictured) is saddened by the imminent death of Burt Reynolds. 'I'm a big fan of Burt Reynolds and will certainly be sending a lackey to his funeral' he said yesterday at the premiere of his movie, 'Turtlebaub: The hope of a nation'. Also present was Ben Stiller but no one noticed or cared."

Having written that I have noticed that at least 70% of the words can be put in any order within the paragraph; is that normal?

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