Friday, December 08, 2006


Zero tolerance on intolerance

Tony Blair has made a marvellous point today about the foreigner's attitude when visiting the modern marvel that is 21st Century Britain. He says that whilst we, as a nation, continue to celebrate and embrace multiculturalism we must also ensure that visitors from overseas behave exactly like us. Here are a few tips for you out-of-towners:

- Tourists from any country: walk much faster on the streets of London. Visitors: if someone in front of you is not walking as quickly as they should be, please tut softly and mutter to yourself about a funeral march.

- Americans: when enjoying something, whether it's a drink, a monument or something else 'awesome', please try to do it with slightly less enthusiasm. It's not becoming.

- The Japanese: don't be so scared of thing. Dogs, vagrants, pigeons are all part of everyday life in an exciting modern metropolis so get used to them.

- Germans: Whilst we appreciate the effort it is really not neccesary to be cartoon versions of yourself. Really. We get that you have a sense of humour, the big moustaches are not needed. What? You really dress and act that way? Oh.

There will be more lessons on living in England/Britain soon, so stay... er... logged in.

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