Thursday, January 11, 2007



Joe Eszterhas, screenwriter of Basic Instinct, Sliver and Showgirls to name but three tit-taculars, has written a tell-all tale on Hollywood. The book's title is:

'The Devil's guide to Hollywood: The screenwriter as God!'

Catchy, no?

I was intrigued by what this book could offer so I turned to the trusty Amazon review section. "Oh no!" I cried. It isn't very good, well at least not according to Jon Agee:

"This is not a book, but a collection of quotes, tidbits, random thoughts and praise of the author. It is not cohesive. It has no direction, despite the promises of the misleading chapter titles. It is self-indulgent. Unless you are a screenwriter or intrigued of all things Hollywood, you will not finish it."


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