Friday, January 19, 2007


I love this so much...

This is a comment from the jump the shark website (find it yourself); taken from the thread on the (astoundingly good) American version of The Office which, inevitably, became a Anti-Britain/Anti-US turd toss. Enjoy:

"this show never jumped anything. And how dare british people compare their garbage humor to american humor. Not only are americans funnier but we are better looking...let's face it british humor is terrible, they still hang on benny hill for savior (PUKE) and hate to say it but british people are disturbing looking, example- Austin Powers. Here is an invention it is called personal hygiene. Dwight is maybe the funniest character on tv...he kills me every second i see him on tv, and steve carrell is hilarious. And pam if you read this cocoa loves you- tbone for life."

You're clever enough for me not to have to go into a deep line-by-line analysis of this but things to look out for include:

- The complete lack of capital letters.
- The confusion of fictional Englishman Austin Powers for a real Englishman.
- "tbone for life."

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