Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Panic on the streets of... Arggghhhhhh!!!

So Levy was nicked when he returned to the police station as part of his bail terms. Now that is class, isn't it? Yates of the Yard stays exactly where he is and his lordship comes to him. No early morning starts, no sore shoulder from busting down doors... lovely stuff.

Of course, it was a very different matter in Birmingham where early door kicking parties were very much the done thing this morning. We hear now that nine people have been arrested as part of these terror raids with Sky reporting a plot to behead a British Muslim serviceman. Many amateur conspiracy theorists are saying how very convenient it is the very morning after Levy's arrest.

Well, the amateurs would say that... we pro's see things a little differently.

I think you'll find that these terror raids were a normal part of an ongoinging investigation carried out by Police and security services; well it says so here anyway.

The real news is elsewhere.

The death of Sidney Sheldon?
R'n'B singer Brandy sued by the family of someone who died in a car crash she initiated.
Aardman split from Dreamworks.

Here is the real hand of Government spin. For decades now the British government has been controlling the World's entertainment business in order to divert attention from their nefarious doings. Want proof? Fine.

On the 5th August 1966 the British Government released 'Revolver' an album written and recorded in Whitehall by senior civil servants and attributed to The Beatles. Is it a coincidence that only three days before on the 2nd the Spanish Government had forbidden British military flights from overflying Spain?

How about this?

October 9th 1975 - The British Government, led by Harold Wilson, create Saturday Night Live and broadcast it across America. This first show, presented by George Carlin, distracts the the UK from the explosion, two days previous, of a bomb outside Green Park Station. The IRA responds by piloting it's own sketched-based comedy show which failed to get commisioned by the BBC.

What more proof do you people need? It's all there. Check if you don't believe me!



So you wanted more proof after all, eh? Well here you go! The Beautiful South have split after 19 years. Coincidence? Don't be ridiculous.

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