Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Sign on

This blog is famous for not being viewed by anyone. Hold on... This blog is not famous for not being viewed by anyone. No one looks at it, no one reads it, no one even realises that it isn't being written by a computer programmed to accurately type the way a Down's syndromed chimp might and yet! Someone left a comment!

After I pasted the letter from the lad down in Guantanamo Bay (is that how you spell it?) into the paunch a young lady called Sara left a comment which you can see for yourself if you scroll down. One of the things she has done is start an online petition to get this lad released and looked after. So far, as of 11.30 on Wednesday night there are eight signatures. I know that the two of you reading this have very little to do so take a stroll here and lend your name to the thing. I know it probably won't do anything, but it's worth a punt for thirty seconds of your time.

Plus it'll make you feel better about all the wanking.

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