Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Those nominations in full...

Fucksy, fucksy, fucksy! Ignored again! Oh, Danny Dyer! How I feel your pain. I cannot believe that they've passed up your diabolical mockney schtick once more. When will they learn? Oh the humanity!

So, other than Danny who else will be drowning their Holly-sorrows in a bucket of high-class coke and low-class whores this evening? Well it's good news for Martin Scorsese who can once again turn up at the five hour do only to see Clint Eastwood whip the award out from under his nose for the second time. Also nominated in the Best Director category is Paul Greengrass for United 93. United 93 is not, however, nominated for Best Film. Queer.

Best actor is a mixed-race bag. Two black chaps, two white chaps and Peter O'Toole who has been dead for 15 months.

Best actress is the same list as last year.

It looks like the Jews are still to let Mel Gibson off the hook as Acapulco only got a make-up nomination. It won't win. That award will go to whoever can make Penelope Cruz not look like a duck.

Take a look at the list of nominations here and marvel at how the two screenplay categories are right at the bottom of the page below EVERYTHING!

Why don't they award the screenwriters a shit and be done with it?

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