Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A decent Bush

This is from 'The Smoking Gun', I believe:

"FEBRUARY 13--Government officials have rejected a Florida man's bid to trademark the term "Obama bin Laden," ruling that the conflation of the names of a U.S. Senator and the world's leading terrorist was "scandalous" and wrongly suggested a connection between the politician and the mass murderer. In a February 6 decision, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office attorney Karen K. Bush informed applicant Alexandre Batlle of her decision not to register the trademark."

Now, there's a great deal going on in here. What's the betting that were you to investigate Mr. Batlle's background one would find official connections to a political group or another (you can't rule out any interested parties, if you get my drift). My interest, though, is in the comments on Bin Laden.

The description of him as "the world's leading terrorist" is a joy; is there some league table of terror that has him just holding off a Colombian for the number one spot? The other thing is the "mass murderer" description; I'm not sure that this has been proven. We have been told he was responsible for September the 11th, he may have even claimed to be responsible for September the 11th, but that doesn't make him responsible for September the 11th.

God made September the 11th and I'm looking forward to this years September the 11th a great deal.

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