Sunday, February 11, 2007


He's gone and done it again

Dear Jonathan Ross,

Just so you know:

Worst. Baftas. Ever. Stay off the TV, mate. Stick to radio.

If I'm having trouble understanding what he's saying, what hope has Penelope Cruz got?

Last King of Scotland? Give me a break! What a crock of shite.

Oh, and actors: Please stop leaving the script. Simon Pegg is a comedian. Ricky Gervais is a comedian. Damien Lewis, you are a ginger bollocks who landed on his feet. Don't write your own stuff. If you could write your own material you'd be what is known as a "writer". They're the fuckers who work on the same thing for three years so that you can turn up having read the script once and say, "My character wouldn't say this." Pricks.

I'm halfway through these things but I wonder, is anyone actually going to collect their award. Wow! It's so well respected that not even the special effects people could be arsed to pull themselves away from their Playstation 3.

God, this country is embarrassing.

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