Friday, February 16, 2007


Hurrah & huzzah!

I implore and urge you all to take a look here. In said article Geoffrey Levy talks about the statue of Lady Thatcher that is to be unveiled in the House of Commons next week.

It is a monumental piece of writing by a man bravely ignoring all emperical evidence to instead concentrate on how this fabulous woman stirred his loins. He writes,

"She stood, proud and uncompromising, over this country for eleven glorious years; her natural radiance filling the hearts of all that heard her voice, saw her face or felt her soft, sweet touch."

Actually, he doesn't write that, but you feel that he should.

I have talked at length about my work for the Government over the years, here for instance. Whilst Lady Thatcher never quite did it for me (I was quite unmoved by those ankles so beloved of Alan Clarke) I always had a soft spot for Dennis. I'd see him at drinks parties at No.10 wobbling around behind Lady T and would get the warmest feeling down in my nethers. He was so friendly and we had so much in common, particularly our attitude to the ethnic minorities, that it was as much as I could do to try it on right there. I didn't; I knew Bill Deedes had his claws well in there, and one doesn't mess with Fleet Street if one can help it.

Anyway, God bless you Lady T. Here's to another eighty-one years.

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