Wednesday, February 07, 2007



Having been weigh-laid with a touch of cat AIDS this week I have found myself prisoner to the rolling twenty-four hour news channels. I'd rather be in Abu Ghraib. The quality of the presentation on these murals of mediocrity is second to everything with misspelt captions, miscued VT and mysteriously employed presenters. How does Kay Burley justify the inordinant amount of money she inevitably earns for her sub-standard performance of a lunchtime? Is the skating tiring her out?

The biggest problem for these channels though is the lack of news, or rather the lack of news they can turn into a three-act mystery. A young man's murder in Peckham becomes a morality tale for our time (how else to explain the entirely unrelated Damilola Taylor murder mention on ITV), the spate of letterbombs a detective story to be solved. Not to belittle the stress that the victims of these attacks have been put through but I've shat and affected more people than these bangers have so far; why such wall-to-wall coverage?

There are more important stories occuring not least THE NEVER-ENDING AND ALWAYS TERRIFYING WAR IN IRAQ! Yesterday we had an Iranian diplomat kidnapped by what looks like Iraqi soldiers. This has the potential to begin a series of tit-for-tat events that could lead to the widening of the war to encompass the entire Persian Gulf. Anyone interested? Are they fupp!

Tomorrow it'll be delayed trains and England friendlies. I'm bored already.

Damn you, cat AIDS!

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