Tuesday, March 06, 2007



So poor old ITV have suspended all their premium-rate telephone dewberries for the present, eh? Let it not be said that they aren't honest and upright and quick to respond in a crisis... or painted into a corner and pre-empting an Ofcom report that will lead to management firings and potentially criminal investigations. One of the two.

Over at No.10 we have no such moral courage with Tom Kelly, the gentleman that referred to Dr. David Kelly as a "Walter Mitty" character, being fingered as the source for the email leak to the BBC in order to scupper the cash for honours investigation. The Guardian is reporting a separate legal document in which Ruth Turner suggests that Michael Levy may have suggested certain evidence disappear, change shape or get a face lift.

I have come across the following email which, I think you shall find, blows the lid on everything. Cast your minds back to February 2005 when Mr. Blair was to appear on Richard and Judy's show on Channel 4. Here is an email from two days preceding his appearance:

"Richard & Judy,

Just a final email to firm up a few things for TB's appearance on Thurs. Obviously we trust you both implicitly but there are one or two areas which we would rather the convers. did not linger for long if poss. These are:

His heart
David Kelly
Henry Kelly
Suicide attempts of any type
Robin Cook

If these could be avoided that would be marvellous. Also, re: his appearance on 'You say, we pay' - he's happy to do it but this time we want at least 50% of the take. We shall supply the caller so as to ensure no nasty surprises.

That's the lot. See you Thurs.


Explosive stuff, what? I couldn't believe when I was sent it by Michael Grade and Tony Blair, but there you are.

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