Thursday, May 10, 2007


Bridain (Updated - sexily)

"Human capital is a nation's greatest asset."

"Think back. No, really think back."

"We don't need statistics..."

"No country attracts overseas investment like we do."

"Britain is not a follower today, Britain is a leader."

"A country comfortable in the 21st century."

"Without the Labour party allowing me to lead it, nothing could ever have been done."

"Decision-making is hard."

"Not an answer. The answer."

"It means doing what you generally believe to be right."

"People think that you act according to some messianic zeal."

"Sierra Leone."


"September the 11th, 2001."

"Shoulder to shoulder."

"And so Afganistan, and then Iraq."


Sorry, did he just admit to a link between Iraq and increasing global terrorism? Better late than never, I suppose.


I knew I had heard what it was that I thought was what I heard:

"Removing Saddam and his sons from power, as with removing the Taliban, was over with relative ease.

But the blowback since, from global terrorism and those elements that support it, has been fierce and unrelenting and costly. For many, it simply isn’t and can’t be worth it."

That is an admittance that the Iraq war has multiplied the terrorist threat.

Now, do you think Hillary Benn's speech about not calling 'The War on Terror', 'The War on Terror' was a neat bit of positioning to help Blair out? If we're now not calling it 'The War on Terror' then the increase in 'Terror' is not a failure but more a side-effect; something which is inevitable in our war on... oh. What are we at war on now?

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