Monday, May 28, 2007


How the news works.

Here is a transcript from a conversation that took place this morning between a Sky News Producer and Ed Vaizey of The Conservative Party:

A phone rings.
Ed Vaizey: Hello
Sky Producer: Good morning, Mr Vaizey. Sorry to bother you so early.
EV: It's fine. what can I do for you?
SP: We were just wondering if ou wanted to get on the news today.
EV: That sounds like a good idea. What have you go for me to comment on?
SP: All sorts. Madeleine McCann?
EV: Bit gloomy.
SP: Yeah, see what you mean. David Beckham?
EV: Who?
SP: Rained-off cricket?
EV: Who's playing?
SP: England versus the West Indies. England have the upper hand but it's likely to be rained off.
EV: It's a bit too... Torie, if you know what I mean?
SP: Sure. What about the Channel 4 Diana documentary?
EV: That sounds like the thing. What's happening?
SP: Channel 4 are going to show a documentary featuring pictues of Diana after the crash. We're going to cover it by showing pictures of the crash scene.
EV: Perfect! People's Princess, a dig at Channel 4, we get on the news: Brilliant! I'll do it.
SP: Lovely. We'll send a car.
EV: Thanks.

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