Friday, May 04, 2007


Off the hook, bwah!

So, that slippery bastard has gone and done it again. Labour did badly last night but nowhere close to the kicking they should have gotten. The country has let Blair off again so he can wander off into the middle-eastern sunset with a nice Northern Irish press op as a golden watch for his ten years of service.

The Government's crack squad of excuse makers hit the airwaves this morning to talk about how, yes they had not done very well but there again neither had the tories. The whole fucking charade has become more and more tasteless with each new week.

The Government's official line is "mid-term blues" which is so offensive, I cannot believe it. It denotes some kind of political M.E; something is wrong but no one can quite put their finger on it. I'll tell you the problem you arseholes: you are nothing more than self-denying tories who constantly tell yourselves you're doing good whilst tearing the arse out of the country. You're the Beverley Allett of politics. Inflation and unemployment continue to grow, house prices are through the roof because the city grows ever more rampant, the NHS is dying a slow lingering death despite the billions that have been thrown at it, schools are failing and 600,000 people at least have been killed in Iraq because of the cowed and snivelling decisions that you made as you deferred to a foreign leadership hell-bent on proto-facist takeover of a free nation. The Government and it's apologists in the press deserved a far worse beating than they got last night. It's a damn shame.

All this and we've still got the Tories to look forward to.

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